Our business is the biggest and most reliable company in the field of metallic yarns in Greece! Our story begins in 1928. Very early on, the founder of the company Paul Svoronos focused his attention on the textile industry, which for many decades has been the strongest branch of the Greek industry.

With the cooperation of the French company REXOR, we were the first to bring the metallic yarns into the Greek market in 1957. To this day, we always look for the best suppliers and the best quality yarns to address to the high demands of our customers. Having excellent knowledge of the metallic yarn field, we are able to offer top quality yarns in very good prices.

Our customers include some of the biggest clothing making factories, fabrics exporting companies, as well as smaller companies, family businesses and workshops. Having a variety of metallic yarns in stock, we are able to run large or small orders with no delays.

Now that our business is in the hands of the third generation, we feel proud for the achievements of the past, we keep up the good work and we are hopeful for the future.